Robin Glanville
Artist Biography

I was an art school graduate. The Johannesburg School of Art, Bok St Johannesburg, circa 1966-1969 (inclusive). My tutors, renowned George Boys, Trevor Coleman and Joyce Leonard amongst others. I graduated in painting, graphic design, architectural drawing, figure drawing, sculpture and printmaking, with honourable mention in drawing and art history. Geoffrey Armstrong led the way. Life is change.
My career path took a U turn. I became an art director, advertising, working with photographers, illustrators, and printworks, in ad agencies from 1970-1994. JWT, BBDO, SAATCHI, LINTAS, and FCB to name a few. It was a time of frenetic energy, moving from Johannesburg (my home town) , Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg (again), and finally Cape Town, where I now live.
From 1995 on I would refer to myself as a Freelancer, preferring the freedom of a roving Magazine photographer/writer, on assignment to romantic destinations such as Sri Lanka, Nassau in the Caribbean, The Maldives, Italy, Greece and London.
My writing I believe stems from my forebears, my Great Grandfather Ernest Glanville was notable for his South African short story ‘The Black Mamba,’ and a string of romantic tales of the Veld. He was an associate of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, ‘Jock of the Bushveld,’ fame, a man amongst equals.

Latterly, not wanting to be pigeon-holed as a ‘landscapist,’ ‘portraitist’ or other ‘ist,’ and spurred by inner compulsion, I took up my paint brushes, going back to my roots-my love of art 
If art might rank as a tough nut to crack, for late comers it is even more so. Struggle, Picasso
Modigliani, Van Gogh, they embody all of that. It could be that I am dogged by their ghost’s.
So I have wavered a little, hurled a few curses, painted passionately, broken a rule or two, and sold even
My path now, to become an artist
?My dream is my paintings reflect my standpoint. Art being not just a pretty picture

The Garage Gallery 
16A Klaassens road, Bishopscourt, Cape Town